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The Apiaries of the Orb

Harvesting beekeeper

Intermittent video technician by training, I felt the need to exercise a profession in accordance with ecology and the safeguard of living things.

In recent years I have asked myself many questions "In which job would I feel best? What job to exercise that would have a positive impact on biodiversity? How to live according to values ​​that are mine: respect for nature, sustainability, zero waste ?"

Today, it is through beekeeping and the life that will be associated with it that I wish to exercise this commitment!

I discovered beekeeping with a passionate beekeeper, Sylvie Humbert, in the Vicdessos valley in Ariège. I thank her very much because she strongly encouraged and motivated me to follow a training followed by a gradual installation.

In June 2019, I therefore integrated a Professional Certificate of Agricultural Operations Manager specializing in beekeeping. Thanks to this training, I was able to carry out internships at the GAEC de la chouette with Christophe Michelotti and Julie Laur whom I thank for everything they taught me and because they offered me my first swarms as well as 'at the Apiary of Paloo in Béziers, where Paul Galzin lent me his honey so that I could extract my first harvests of honey.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Currently located in Hérault and more precisely in the Orb Valley, in the heart of the Haut Languedoc Regional Natural Park. I created my company Les Ruchers de l'Orb.

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